What is Fandomoverload.

If your like me you love tv and it keeps geting harder and harder for you to pick just one.   Well that's what Fandomoverload is about.  I love TV.  My taste changes like the days of the week.  I can totally love a show this week and hate it the next but this way, I can share the things with you while i'm having my obsessed moment.  So come back cause the fandoms constantly change hints the name.

What Fandoms?

As I said before they change like the day of the week but for the moment you can find things for Doctor Who, The Dead Zone, Charmed, Torchwood, Buffy, Queer as Folk, and Being Human.   What to Find?   Well i'm all about media.   This site will have wallpapers, icons, and videos.   They are here for your enjoyment all that i ask is that you leave feedback.   Feedback is my drug i'm a junkie and if you give me my fix i'll continue adding things for you all to look at and enjoy.

What's New?

5/15/2010 The QAF vids section now has 26 videos


I love what i do.   So yes if you have a request and i can make it happen i will so the thing to do is drop me a line at latoyacollins@yahoo.com and ask and i'll see what i can do.


Please check out the VOM my good friend Liisa.   Go to the page to check out her vids and find out more about her, and because i can't wait for you to see something from her here is my favorite vid by her.